Miniaturist Perfectly Recreates Historical Interiors at a Staggering 1:12 Scale

Miniature art requires a lot of patience, and artists who choose this medium to express themselves are almost superhumans. Chris Toledo shares his works on his Instagram account and has a large base of followers.
All of his interior design ideas shared with the world are miniature versions of the interior, with Toledo working at a 1:12 scale. At a first glance, all his designs seem to be life-sized ones, but his pictures feature small details such as his hand entering a room or abandoned garlic cloves that gives viewers a reality check.
But what is more astonishing about Toledo’s works is his attention to detail and high standards, as each small decoration and detail is in its right place in his miniatures.
Toledo says that his thought process is similar to an interior designer’s, as each miniature starts with a sketch, and then the planning begins. At a 1:12 scale, and each foot from a normal scale is considered one inch in his world of miniature designs.
When he finished his pieces, Toledo does the last finishing touches to make the spaces look as real as possible, and even adds a patina to the designs.

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