Modern 160 Square Foot Shipping Container Home


Having a tiny home doesn’t instantly bring ideas of modern interior design to mind. But this next shipping container home is an example of what this type of structure should look like and could set the standard for repurposed material houses. Having 160 ft2, you would think a tiny home can’t fulfill the necessities you would wish from your own residence. Involving a shipping container into the entire equation seems to put some extra effort on the designers and architects in charge. This project called Casa Cúbica was designed by Cubica architects.








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  1. Meghan says:

    is it possible to make a basement out of a shipping container and then add a first floor shipping container on top?

  2. Saul Bass says:

    Hi! Just what I needed to know today.

  3. Laura says:

    Interested in rates for 160 sq. ft

  4. Tim says:

    The answer to these ship board containers I would personally spray each and every part of it with Rhino lining, this stuff is used to put on the bed of a truck, it stops rust from forming, A basement is possible also, same thing Rhino line it, make it last, don’t cheap out.
    These houses would be great for lower income people, easy to set up and built.

    I am not sure of the cost of building this type of house but you can buy containers for as low as $500.00 for the smaller and then the price goes up.

  5. Jim says:

    You are going to typically find the cheapest containers on a coastal area where shipping occurs.

  6. Paula Bauer says:

    As I understand it…
    On the inside containers need to be sealed because of toxic chemicals that keep things from rotting…..and on the outside from rust.
    Foundation first….
    Delivery second…
    Approximately 10,000 To 20,000 a day for the crane to erect multiples
    Cut openings
    Frame interiors
    Wire and plumb
    Insulated nd then drywall
    Nothing simple or cheap
    But time cut in half or more by using containers over regular construction
    And it can be a fraction of regular house construction if planned well
    There is one serious thing to consider…..PERMITS
    Some areas do not allow container construction…in fact very few…
    Trying not to be a wet blanket about this but you must plan carefully…..

  7. Jonas Macondzo says:


    Good day

    I want to buy it and inport it to Mozambique, africa. Can i have more details in terms of prices.

    Waiting to hearing from you

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