Modern Apartment Design With LED Lighting


A modern apartment from Bratislava needed a complete renovation, but the owners didn’t want to compromise on the design for space issues. If you find yourself in a similar position, take the work of Slovakian RULES architekti as an example. The 51 m2 residence’s lack of storage was handled by choosing a minimalistic design. You can notice this in the living area, where a pull-out desk replaces a regular one, or the coffee table which has a pull-out compartment underneath it. The main attraction so to say is the green living wall. Even though it seems complex, this element of interior design it’s actually simple to maintain and not that hard to build. During night time the designers made certain this wall is an element of focus by installing accent lighting over it and at the floor level.


The commitment to saving space is also present in the kitchen, where all of the furniture was mounted on the wall, leaving the floor empty for other storage possibilities and design elements. The room has a lot of space to offer in terms of storage, because behind the glossy white panels there lies plenty of drawers and shelves. Simplicity is key to an interior design like this and the idea is especially visible in the bedroom. Here, a plain decor strikes you the most, while the neutral color scheme kind of blends with the rest of the apartment. A gray tone is also kept in the design of the bathroom, but with a combination of mirrors and shinny surfaces, RULES architekti managed to bring a feeling of space into this room as well. This rather small apartment has risen from its space-constricted ashes as a modern and beautiful home.

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  1. Monnaie says:

    beautiful home interior designing and interior furnishing!

  2. Michael says:

    Awesome apartment design! I particularly like the green wall.

  3. Fallbrook Residential Electricians says:

    Love the idea of uplifting the kitchen the counter and emphasizing it with nice lighting system. So unique and genius!

  4. Paul says:

    What is the typical buildout cost for your designs?

  5. Hemant Gairola says:

    Need LED lighting design and solution for apartments,Vilas, small residential houses.

  6. Valery says:

    Led light have completely renewed our lighting concept. They are elegant, durable, in my opinion they’re perfect for this apartment and his modern style

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