Modern Sofa with Dog House Attached

Everywhere are a lot of puppy fans. Everyday we see a lot of pictures with cute puppy shared anywhere and anytime on internet. A new piece of furniture is always a reason of happiness for your pets. Now I would like to show you a Dog House Sofa designed by the Korean Seungji Mun, the same designer who designed an interesting sofa, ideal for fun with your cat, and which I showed a little while ago. (The Ideal Sofa for your Pet).
Seungji Mun came up with new product “Dog house Sofa” who is from collection of the emotional pet furniture brand ”m.pup.”

“m.pup” designs products which enhance the harmony between human and pet, and makes those into products. And through the products, they share their emotions and feeling, and communicate each other. In addition, through mpup’s designs we want to inform people how serious abandoned dogs and environmental problems are. Recently, we are exploring ways to solve these problems … according to designer…

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