Modular Luxury Buildings


Prefabricated homes become more popular with every passing day. Besides the most obvious advantage that they can be shipped anywhere in the world, the sustainable aspect of modular luxury buildings sets them apart from other in the avant-garde field of ready-delivered buildings.
The cutting edge design and symbiosis with technology, gives the end-consumer of the house an increased functionality and efficiency from the residence. Designed to our specific structural specifications, modular buildings still retain architectural allure but with affordable luxury as well. Definitely one step in front of every other architectural endeavors, modular buildings are the future. Look at these great examples .. and if you are interested in it .. contact the architects.. Enjoy!



1. ALP320 – 1 bedroom/studio — 1 bathroom — 1 storey


Surface: 320 sf (30 m2)  /  Footprint: 16’ x 20’ (4,8 x 6 m)  /  Height: 9’-6” (2,9 m)







2.  SOL 480  — 1 bedroom — 1 bathroom — 1 storey


Surface: 480 sf (45 m2) / Footprint: 20’ x 24’ (6 x 7,3 m) / Height: 9’-6” (2,9 m)





4 Responses to “Modular Luxury Buildings”

  1. Melanie says:

    What is the cost of this? Where can I buy?

  2. Random college graduate says:

    Wish they build college dorms like this…..stack em up like lego pieces.

    Hate sharing my kitchen with my dorm roommates.

  3. Hugo Bartz says:

    Price on an alp 1 please

  4. Hugo Bartz says:

    Alp 320 price please

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