After Mojave Fires, Camels Help Restore Iconic Joshua Tree Groves in the Cherished California Desert

After devastating wildfires in 2020 and 2023 left the Mojave National Preserve’s iconic Joshua trees in peril, the National Parks Service initiated an ambitious reforestation project. With a need to transport seedlings into the remote and roadless Cima Dome reforestation site, volunteers turned to an unconventional yet efficient method—camels. These desert specialists, including Herbie, Sully, and Chico, with their distinctive two humps, have been crucial in the restoration efforts. Jennifer Lagusker and her team of three camels have been instrumental in carrying thousands of Joshua tree seedlings across the challenging desert terrain, minimizing soil disturbance compared to traditional methods involving mules or horses.

The significance of camels in this endeavor extends beyond their ability to navigate the desert. Their soft, wide feet allow them to traverse the sandy soil without causing harm to the fragile ecosystem. Nance Fite, a dedicated volunteer at the Mojave National Preserve, recognized the potential of camels for this task and enlisted Lagusker’s help. Lagusker believes that showcasing camels’ capabilities in restoration work not only benefits the environment but also highlights their suitability for such tasks. With the success of the Cima Dome project, where 3,500 seedlings were planted, the camel caravan is now moving to another area to continue the critical reforestation work on Joshua trees, ensuring the preservation of this cherished symbol in the California desert.

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