Girl Living Off Grid Built The Most Secret Underground Tunnel Shelter

Choosing the off-the-grid lifestyle is not always the easiest choice to make, as you have to give up on lots of perks of modern living. The COVID pandemic has shifted the focus a bit, and people started searching for simpler ways of life and reconnecting with their roots. This meant often choosing to relocate to the wilderness or even going underground.

Primitive Survival Life is a popular Youtube channel from Singapore which offers a glimpse into someone’s life, living off-the-grid. The channel features all sorts of interesting and useful videos, such as this next one in which a girl builds a secret underground tunnel shelter.
The construction is pretty amazing, and the tools used to carve underground are minimal, which makes the result even more astonishing. In the video, you can see the girls searching for the spot to build the underground tunnel, preparing it, carving her way, and even arranging the interior.
The result is a basic but amazing shelter, where she even created a stove to cook her meals and a rudimentary bed to sleep on. Such an amazing and instructive video!

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