Multi-Swing Chair Set


Lounging has entered a new age! In the last decade, more and more manufacturers have developed intricate products which deliver a most pleasant lounging experience. You most definitely have encountered those advertisements, offline or online, in which luxurious cocoons of comfort are featured. But less may mean more in a way! The multi swing chair set is a perfect example of that. With a simple design, the set brings more security and comfort than a regular hammock. Hours of relaxation, made easy by a padded pillow for extra head comfort, can blend nicely into a conversation pit. The set has a circular frame with ductile iron pipe swing hangers; you can place 4, 6 or 8 swing chairs on it! Even though it might not seem that way from the first glance, the Multi-Swing Chair Set is easily movable to any place and can provide a various set of outdoor fun activities, like a small gathering around a fire pit or a lied back beach ball game.



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  1. Joe Britz says:

    Hi, I am the inventor of the Multi-SwingChairSet and I and my wife have been working
    pretty hard to get our new patented product to market.
    We believe we have a unique backyard and more entertainment that the world is ready to own.
    We’re asking one and all to spread the Multi-SwingChairSet to everyone they know.
    Thank You for your help.
    If anyone is interested in licensing our product you can contact us at

    • Martin Seebach says:

      Very cool design and prototype. Leaves me wondering about retail pricing. $1000+ for quality manufacturing? Which then puts it out of walmart, target, etc… and into higher end shops or communities. Good luck with it.

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