Multi Tier Wooden Garden Planter


We can all agree that a garden is most beautiful when it is full with blooming flowers and different kinds of plants. Planting flowers is not a hard task, and you can purchase the seeds from almost any larger store. The trouble is with the way you care for the flowers afterwards and how you plant them. If you don’t want to plant the flowers directly in the soil, you can opt for a wooden garden planter, like the one in the pictures. The planter has 3 boxes, each one suitable for planting and it comes for M&M Timber. Each of the boxes measure 3′ x 1′ and are stacked on upon the other, creating a structure that looks like shelves. The wood that served as a base for the planter is treated and has an anti-rot guarantee of 15 years. The cool thing about it is that you can place it anywhere in your garden as it’s very easy to move around and doesn’t occupy a lot of space, so it is perfect for smaller gardens.

Height 1165mm x Width 900mm x Depth 980mm


Multi Tier Wooden Garden Planter from M&M Timber

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