Multifunctional Design: Excellent Concept Trio Sofa by Julia Hamid

Julia Hamid is a young designer from UK , who has designed a multifunctional sofa which captured the attention of many people and has impressed with his ideas. The project “Trio Sofa” was one of his successful achievements. Designed with a table that turns over from both sides and from behind of the sofa to allow users to use a laptop or dine in various sitting positions.
In step with technology, this sofa is ideal for people who often spend their time on the sofa relaxing and working on a laptop. Easy access to the table whilst sitting on the sofa, with finger pull along the side edges. What is your opinion about the Julia’s project ?

“Sofa prototype – Upholstered 2-seater sofa in beige, with fiber-filled cushions and foam seats. The outside faces are surrounded by veneered panels of American Walnut. The tables that turn over have a veneered finish on both sides. The sofa is supported on a powder-coated steel frame.”



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  1. mike b 603 says:

    The design idea is very nice. It even looks comfortable. The problem I see with this is something I’m sure a lot of potential buyers see. The sofa can’t be against a wall or other pieces that are in the area of the hide-away table when it swings. It seems to me that this issue could be fixed with some very simple and space efficient changes that would likely not take away from its beauty.(I can be contacted for design work contracts) Other than that, I’ll have 3 please! Very nice and I love the walnut!

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