3D Mural Teacups Come To Life Through Augmented Reality by Using an App

Street art never ceases to amaze, as artists always find the most creative spaces to display their art and attract attention.

Leon Keer is a Dutch street artist, who paints the most amazing 3D murals and creates amazing illusions through his art.
He can easily transform a flat surface into a 3D masterpiece and his latest work called Shattering features a series of teacups that look as if they were spilling over.

The mural can be seen in Helsingborg, Sweden, and is inspired by the fragility of life itself. But to make this artwork even more exciting, Keer teamed-up with Joost Spek who is an augmented reality designer, and helped him animate the mural.

By downloading the Leon Keer app and scanning the mural, the teacups come to life and can be seen crumbling. This is such a great example of how modern art can incorporate technology and create something relevant for the era that we live in.

Augmented Reality
Extra with this mural is that the painting will come to life with Augmented Reality. If you scan the wall with the ‘leonkeer’ app (after free download the app) you will see the teacups will burst into pieces. You can check this also by scanning the photo on https://www.leonkeer.com/ar/

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