Net-Zero Energy Deltec Homes – starting under 100K

Deltec Homes was founded in 1968 in Asheville, North Carolina as a builder of hurricane-resistant homes – primarily for resort communities. When visitors to those coastal resorts kept contacting the company to build custom round homes for them, they decided to transition into residential development, rebranding in 1985. “Our commitment to the environment drives us to build homes that not only reduce environmental impact, but create a restorative effect. The high performance design and advanced engineering make it easier and more attainable to build a home that produces as much energy as it needs through renewable energy, known as net-zero energy.”







We’ve covered why round homes are wind and seismic resistant here: the round shape with obtuse angles is structurally more stable, with better wind and load resistance than a rectangular shape. Factory-precise prefabrication with tightly engineered beams and joints also make Deltec’s round homes sturdy and more high-performance than a traditional stick-built home. Learn more about why Deltec’s homes are better equipped to handle strong winds in the video below.

More details here … Deltec Homes   via Inhabitat

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