New and Improved Tutorial: Bubble Quilt Method #2


Hand sewn products, like blankets or pillows, show the commitment of the maker to give some uniqueness to the final result. If you’re thinking about making a gift to someone you care about, than handmade is the way to go. The following tutorial for how to make a bubble quilt will take you all the way from the design phase to the actual sewing tips and tricks. With some fabric, stuffing and eye for details, you will be able to fashion a piece just like the one you see in the picture quite easily. It takes a bit of your time, but the result will make it worth it. Be careful at the necessary steps so you won’t have to make something wrong which could ruin the whole work you’ve done so far. If you’ve already done some DIY sewing projects, this tutorial will definitely make things easier. Good luck on your work! Here’s Method #1…


Tutorial: Bubble Quilt Method #2 by Awaiting Ada

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