New Ways to Remove Hard Water Stains


When you think of water, you don’t tend to remember it as a nasty problem in the kitchen. On the contrary, we are all tempted to see it as an ally in our `battles` with staining problems. The truth is that hard water does represent a real issue for the appliances in your kitchen. It can leave ugly and deep stains especially on your sink. There are a lot of solutions promoted on the Web, but there is a sure DIY version which will get rid of this problem. All you need is the following:

• a spray bottle;
• a quarter of a cup of lemon juice;
• any dish soap;
• a bottle of vinegar;
• a regular sponge;
• some baking soda;

Begin with applying the baking soda on the stains and let it work for about 5 minutes. Take warm water afterward and rinse those stain spots. Now, mix the lemon with half a spray bottle filled with vinegar. Pour in dish soap until you can pour no more. Shake the bottle hard and spray the contents on the stains once more. A half an hour of waiting is enough before you star scrubbing away with a regular sponge. The warm water added after will make the sink almost as good as new!

photo source: Diy Confessions

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  1. Water Filters says:

    A good home design would include a whole house water softener… Have you reviewed or looked into the salt free water softeners? It crystallizes the hard water minerals sot hat you don’t have the lime scale build up or white scaling…

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