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Take a look at this cute tiny house and prepare to be amazed. The owner of the house says, that he built it in only 3 weeks, taking advantage of a longer vacation to make the house of his dreams. Although small, the house is suitable for a small family and it can also serve as a holiday home. In case you have a lot of available space in your backyard, you can easily make such a construction and use it as a guest house. The tiny house is made out of wood, one of the best materials for such a project and has a simple, rustic design. The clean shape and the beautiful contrast between the blue rooftop and the natural look of the wood make this tiny house look as it was taken out of a children’s story…




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5 Responses to “Nice Garden Shed”

  1. Nena Frey says:

    Would love to see the inside–how many square feet? Very nice from the outside, for sure!

  2. Echo says:

    cute, but if it’s a tiny house? i sure would have liked to have seen the inside of it. the floor plan at least…

  3. Garden Room says:

    Wow, love this! Amazing tiny house. Would definitely do this if I had space in my garden

  4. WGR says:

    Great little garden room – love it. What a fab idea for guests!

  5. Marge Mealer says:

    Gardening ideas take place in numerous shapes and affects. Garden design can be the principle most rewarding facets of gardening; although to a trainee it can appear intimidating. Getting your garden to come across how you desire is a procedure that will take time and patience.

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