No-Bake Grapefruit Orange Cheesecake

We love cool and refreshing desserts. These No Bake Grapefruit Orange Cheesecakes are are so delicious and you don’t even have to turn on the oven! With just a little prep and some time in the fridge, these cheesecakes are ready to enjoy, and they go fast! Watch the video below for more details…


120g Grapefruit juice 
10g Sugar 
3g Gelatin sheet

120g Orange juice
10g Sugar
3g Gelatin sheet 

90g Crushed digestive cookie 
45g Melted unsalted butter

250g Cream cheese 
45g Sugar 
2g Vanilla extract
5g Lemon juice 
5g Gelatin sheet 
150g Whipped cream (whipped up 50%)

Photo credit: Cooking tree

Video credit: Cooking tree

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