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Can you imagine building a house out of tires and beer bottles? The beautiful Earthship cabin you see in the pictures is exactly that kind of story. Located in the Santa Cruz Mountains, all it took to transform a dream into reality was under $10,000 and a whole lot of determination! The handmade cabin featured on this website is the result of the story of a couple who embarked on a mission back in 2013 to make their own home. The emphasis wasn’t put on costly finishes or high-end materials, but on recycled ones and a creative approach to both architecture and interior design. Check it out online or buy the photo book, Nomadic Roots, if you want to go deeper and further with a similar project.



A photographic journey of Earthships, road trips, and a handmade cabin for less than $10k.


Our formula: Live Simply. Chase Dreams. Be Authentic.

Pounding tires. Find out why we built with tires, and how thinking outside of the box can revolutionize architecture.

We’ve been working hard on this project for nearly a year to ensure that all aspects were finalized before launching this campaign.

The book is finished.
Stickers are printed.
Shirts are printed.
Hats are embroidered.

More details on Kickstarter



  • Sherry in Alaska on said:

    Would like to pre order this book. Tried the Kickstarter page but I guess since the campaign is closed I couldn’t get it to respond. How do I get in touch with Nomadic Roots?

  • Francisco Chacon on said:

    Hello – I’m looking to purchase a copy of the book. I visited the website, however, was unable to navigate anywhere on the page. Any information you can provide is greatly appreciated.

    Francisco Chacon

  • Taylor on said:

    Hey Sherry! Just stumbled upon this article and your comment. You can order a book through our website (nomadicroots if you still want a copy 🙂

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