This Wind-Powered Vertical Farm in Denmark Will Provide 1,000 Tons of Food Annually

Healthy eating is a continuously emerging trend, that has proven health benefits and advantages. A diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables is highly desirable, especially if all the produce is locally grown and fresh.

Nordic Harvest is a company from Denmark, that team with YesHealth Group from Taiwan to create the vertical farms of the future. The Taiwanese tech company has a large portfolio of vertical farming and building the necessary technology for it, and now they are working on building a large wind-powered vertical farm in Denmark.

The plans for the facility will be to grow 1,000 tons of food on land as large as 20 soccer fields. The hi-tech vertical farm will significantly reduce the carbon footprint created by local farms and food imports, and the first products should be available in Danish stores from January 2021.

Nordic Harvest aims to educated people about the food they eat and its impact on our climate, and hope to be the leaders of an important and much-needed change in sustainable food consumption.

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  1. Georgia says:

    Very Interested on this Vertical farming plz send me more info on how to do sthe same I want to purchase same materials for starting farm

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