Photographer Captures Viral Shot of the Northern Lights Behind an Erupting Volcano

Photographs of the Northern lights are always breathtaking, but there are simply no words to describe this picture taken by Christopher Mathews.
He witnessed an amazing moment, which is probably something to be experienced only once in this lifetime, namely a volcano erupting in Iceland that was accompanied by the aurora borealis. Mathews, who has been living in Iceland for many years, has a passion for landscape photography and his finesse is noticeable in this picture.
The volcano featured in the photograph is the Geldingadalur and Mathews has closely monitored it since 2020, hoping for it to erupt and capture this on camera. In early 2020 when seismic monitoring has reported activity in Reykjavik’s volcanos, the photographer knew that something big is about to happen in the near future. Luckily, the Geldingadalur is located in a remote place and no one was hurt during its eruption in March 2021.
Mathews started looking for the perfect spot for his picture on the 12th of March and found several places, such as the Blue Lagoon and back roads close to the volcano. But the best part of this story is that he managed to take the perfect shot of the moment the volcano erupted on the 24th of March, the date of his birthday.
Who could wish for a better birthday gift than this one?

Christopher Mathews: Instagram

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