Now You Can Build Your Own Personal Retreat for Just $6,000

Clockhouse-Log-Cabin-4 SPECIFICATIONS

Cabin Width 550cm (18ft)
Cabin Length 400cm (13ft)
Foundation Size 530x380cm  (17ft X 12ft)
Cabin Height Approx. 305cm (10ft)
Door height, Incl. frame Approx. 193cm (6ft)
Windows 8 (Can Be Opened)
Glass Single Glazed
Roof Covering Felt and Shingles
Fitting Kit Included.





more details here…

5 Responses to “Now You Can Build Your Own Personal Retreat for Just $6,000”

  1. Sandy says:

    Sounds great, except this is only the UK and Wales.

  2. Mary Syruble says:

    Interested in other designs.

  3. Pearl Cook says:

    I would like a design abut twice this size

  4. Etta D. Saunders says:

    Good price!

  5. Kai Martin says:

    I’m very interested ! However, must have lits if storage and would like to build up with bedroom and den. Porch across front of house 6′. Porch across back to accommodate a swing.

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