Odu Rocker and Daybed by Confused Direction


If you fancy lying around during those sleepy afternoons, but don’t quite like the old-fashioned sofa and the office (fortunately) doesn’t feature a king size bed, try this modern daybed from Confused-Direction. Actually a hybrid between a rocking chair and a bed, this contemporary piece of furniture will soon be the center of attention in the living area. The Odu Rocker, as it’s named, blends functionality with clever design, emerging the person sitting in it, into a comfortable lounging experience. Original and resembling the base of a shell, the eye-catching chair’s exterior (made out of epoxy resin and fiber laminate) exudes toughness. The interior, on the other hand, is synonymous with softness, its upholstered skin friendly micro fiber making it as comfortable as a regular bed. The most important feature is that the `Rocker` can be easily transformed from armchair to daybed, only by a movement of the user’s position, which determines a shift of the center of gravity of the chair. Wonderful!









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  1. Nancy Sixel says:

    Out of production a long time ago, apparently. Could you publish either available products or notices of unavailability?

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