Off-Grid ‘Hemp House’ Made Almost Entirely From Hemp and Solar Panels

Environmentally sustainable homes are the future since fossil fuels are doing a lot of harm to the environment. A team from Morocco comprised of student built a new home concept that relies on renewable energy and is made almost 100% from hemp and solar panels.

The house is one of the projects submitted for SUNIMPLANT a competition that is organized by the United States Department of Energy and the Centre de recherche en Energies Solaire et Energies Nouvelles of Morocco.


The competition aims to encourage a switch in the development of solar-powered buildings. What makes the design stand out is the fact that it was built using hemp, bio-resins, and similar sustainable materials.

The hemp house has a futuristic spherical design with a total size of 90 square meters and has 24 solar panels installed on it. The total cost of the project was $120,000 and it can be upgraded in the future, by adding hemp-clay board and other hemp focused materials that help protect the solar panel in extreme weather conditions.

Hempcrete is a new concept in building materials and can be used to develop more sustainable housing options and offer a new perspective when it comes to innovative future designs.

“The cylindrical envelope of the circular building, with minimal exposure of the 24 exterior panels, gives interior comfort through optimal damping and thermal phase shift, and osmosis of the components in the hempcrete formulation,” said Monika Brümmer, as reported by Hemp Today.

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