Woman Creates An Office Chair That Accommodates Needy Pets

Working from home can be great, especially if you have pets. You can spend all the day together, cuddle while sitting at your desk, but as pets can become very accustomed to having you home, they can also become needy. This means, that they wish to be as close to you as possible, all the time. And while this sounds lovely, having to work or sit in a meeting, while your pet is all over your desk and keyboard, makes it hard to focus.

This next chair was designed for all the home officers, who have a needy pet at home. The chair was designed by Simone Giertz and it is an office chair that leaves enough room for your pet to sit beside you. Simone designed the prototype of this chair while trying to find enough space for her dog to sit beside her while working.
That’s how she came up with this wide office chair that has enough room for both you and your pet to enjoy a comfortable day in your home office.
The chair also includes tiny stairs for your pet to climb on and even some extra storage space. And the best part? The chair comes with a built-in dog house below the seating, for when your pet becomes tired of all your twisting and turning while working. Such a great invention!

Tired of constantly getting interrupted throughout her work day, Simone started searching for a dog compatible office chair that could accommodate both her and her pup, but she came up empty.

Being a super creative designer type, Simone decided that she would be the one to get her hands dirty and create the world’s first pet friendly office chair!

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