An Oklahoma Man Put Up Christmas Lights for His Whole Neighborhood

In the city of Bixby, Oklahoma, Stephen Dunkelberg took it upon himself to spread holiday cheer by adorning his entire neighborhood with Christmas lights. Last year, Dunkelberg, the owner of a landscaping company, noticed the lack of festive decorations on his street while driving home during the holiday season. Determined to bring a touch of merriment to his community, Dunkelberg sought permission from his neighbors and embarked on a mission to illuminate all but two homes on his street. The only exceptions were a vacant rental property and a residence whose owners were temporarily away.

Undeterred by the previous year’s challenges, Dunkelberg decided to amplify the festive spirit in 2023. This time, he and his team went above and beyond, meticulously decorating all 22 houses on his street over two full weekends. Despite moments of doubt and exhaustion during the decoration process, Dunkelberg’s commitment to brightening his Bixby neighborhood’s holiday season prevailed. Reflecting on the effort, the 31-year-old Dunkelberg expressed initial reservations but ultimately found the sight of the entire street aglow with festive lights to be immensely rewarding. His dedication and festive spirit have undoubtedly made a lasting impact on the tight-knit community.

Stephen Dunkelberg’s initiative serves as a heartwarming example of how one individual’s efforts can bring joy and unity to an entire neighborhood. In the spirit of the season, Dunkelberg’s willingness to go the extra mile not only transformed his street into a festive wonderland but also fostered a sense of community spirit and shared celebration among his neighbors in Bixby, Oklahoma.

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