One Couple Creates A Vacation Retreat That Is The Perfect Marriage Of Contemporary And Rustic Design


The perfect vacation retreat meets an inviting log cabin. This is -in short- the story behind this beautiful home from Crandon, Wisconsin. The choice for an eco-friendly building comes almost naturally, taking into account the abundance of trees and blooming of nature all around the property. The project implemented by Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia had the fortune of having an architect and designer as clients. Scott and Pam Davis imagined and then planned their dream cabin. And the road wasn’t easy, but full of design obstacles, like the slope of the property; more like opportunities to show off architectural skill. Placed in the woods and near St. John’s lake, the structure raised is an intriguing blend of contemporary design and rustic decor. Strangely, it works superbly! They used logs, stainless steel, stone and glass to give the cabin a unique look. Plenty of natural light is let in and lots of sustainably harvested wood can be found throughout. Take a virtual tour and be inspired by the beautiful design result which can be achieved when rustic meets modern!







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