Organize Your Kids Toys with Lego Storage Ideas

It’s a known fact that when you have kids, organizing toys may take a lot of your time. That is why every solution suggested is worth a try. This next idea is all about putting your kids’ Lego toys in a safe place – for your feet! The Lego Table is just awesome. It has the proper surface for playing with the popular toy as well as decent amount of storage space underneath. This way, there is no chance for children to misplace any Lego and potentially harm a foot. Check out the table in detail. It comes in many colors so kids are drawn to play on it with their Legos.

Lego Storage and Play Table: An Easy IKEA Hack!

This one from That mommy Blog is great, because you can change the height of the table area, and holy NUTS, look at all that storage.

IKEA Table Can Be Transformed Into A LEGO Play Table

more details HERE…

Don’t forget your baseplates and Legos.

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