Ornaments Made Out Of Potatoes


Because food seems tastier when it is more eye-catching too. The arrangement of these plates will be more appetizing with these roses. In the next rows, we’ll present you the steps you have to follow:
You’d firstly better know that if you use an new potato, the ‘petals’ will be fragile enough. This is why you should use a late potato. The potatoes are peeled, cut in slim slices (it is recommendable to use the cutting machine, set to the minimum size). The slices are put on a parchment, then you take them one by one and mold the roses. The “rose petals” should turn out thin and translucent. For the central “buds”  cut 3-4 mm thickly slices. After this soak the petals, buds and toothpicks in a bowl with cold water and salt (1 liter of water, a spoon of salt) for 2-3 hours. This process will soften the petals and will make them more pliable when twisting the potato roses. Use the smallest toothpicks that you find.


OK, now we will start to manufacture the roses. Take the central “bud” and wrap one petal. Then take another petal and twist it also on the central “bud”. Fix the bud with a toothpick. It is important to follow the rule: one petal – clockwise and following – counter-clockwise. After you form the potato roses put them on napkins for 3-5 minutes. Now, you can prepare the pot with the oil. Put the potato rose in the pot to fry. When “rose” will get crisp color – it is ready. Take it out on a paper napkin and slightly salt it. You can take out the toothpick when the potato rose is not so hot anymore. Enjoy!!!

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  1. stella borrero says:

    Con una ensalada presentada de esa forma, quedaré como toda una chef profesional, gracias.

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