Outdoor Camping Bubble

Experience a unique night under the stars with all the comfort of a hotel romm. ATTRAP’RÊVES invites you to an unusual moment… A cosmic and poetic experience… An unforgettable souvenir for both of you… A tinted and romantic cocoon for a marriage proposal, an anniversary  or an original gift. A queen size bed with panoramic views of the surrounding countryside… Alone with Mother Nature! At nightfall, contemplate the milky way! Everything here is designed not to close your eyes! Hush, here’s the moon showing its face…Sweet bubble dreams!

Inflatable bubble tent outdoor with 2 tunnels – on Amazon


New…Bubble Rooms-Winter


18 Responses to “Outdoor Camping Bubble”

  1. Maria Vilardi says:

    How can I get outdoor bubble?

  2. Dwayne says:

    Is it Bear Proof?

  3. Keith Arnold says:

    It’s like a snowglobe for exhibitionists!

  4. Ann Marchbanks says:

    How much does one of these things cost and where is the door in and out?

  5. Les says:

    Hm…there is no technical information available at all at the ATTRAP’RÊVES website. It does not appear intended for long-term use, but without more information that’s hard to determine. The inflating blower runs continuously, drawing ~55 watts.
    The Amazon webpage appears to be for a different product?
    My opinion is that it is intriguing, but I would not buy it without more information.

  6. Jillipen says:

    I think in hot weather you would cook

  7. Chris says:

    What about a little motha fukin’ privacy?

  8. Timothy says:

    This thing is stupid.

  9. lpm says:

    it’s in France, in Provence ; near Marseille

  10. Shane says:


    600-1000$ but looks a little smaller than this one

  11. Lizabeth Osterholt says:

    attrap-reves.com/en/ That is the website for the bubble in the pictures.

  12. Jarrett says:

    Looks crazy. If it was tucked away in the woods, the privacy wouldn’t be much of an issue. I’d be willing to try it out once.

  13. Donny Wilmer says:

    Or wolfpack-proof, or cougar-proof, or coyote-proof, or . . .

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