Outdoor Cat Enclosures

Keeping your cat safe outdoors can be stressful, as you can’t influence everything that happens to your pet while you’re not around. In this purpose we show you in “How To Build An Outdoor Cat Run To Keep Your Cat Safe”  how you can contribute to your cat’s safety by building an outdoor space such as a cat run. But for all cat lovers who don’t have time to build a “cat run”, now we show them an alternative, the Outdoor Cat Enclosure. What do you think? Ckeck out this Outdoor Cat Enclosure…

by Customcages

12 Responses to “Outdoor Cat Enclosures”

  1. Susan Hobbs says:

    This would be perfect for my cats. How much is this enclosure?

  2. Judy Hubbes. says:

    Is a a catalogue to send out ? That enclosure is great. It would’ve been better if the dimensions were listed by the enclosure. It is impossible to see how large it is.

  3. Christina Pruitt says:

    I am interested in getting a few.

  4. Deb Nye says:

    I would like one around 6 ft around, so I could put more interactive things he could use as well as tubes, hammocks and stairs. He would love this. I think the roof would be better pointed or slanted so the rain would slide off without pooling. My cat would sit for hours watching the birds.

  5. Deborah says:

    Catalog with pricing please

  6. K9saver says:

    They are insanely priced, $2000 up to 8000 it is just a light dog pen with a roof.

  7. K9saver says:

    same thing on E bay for birds is $250 same material.

  8. Sandra Rockwell says:

    I would like a couple of these. Please send info where to find, catalog, where to order, sizes and prices please

  9. Tammy Hartwell says:

    i really could use this. cost?

  10. Maggie Brandt says:

    I’m interested in this cat enclosure. Please send more information.

  11. Sharon says:

    Price and info

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