Owl Wood Carving by Andy Burgess


Searching for that amazing piece of furniture for your beautiful garden? This incredible piece of artwork you can see in the pictures was designed and carved by Andy Burgess (a professional Chainsaw Wood Sculptor) from simple logs.  If you want something similar for your garden, do not hesitate to contact Andy and your dream can come true..

“I started in 2009 and initially received great help and inspiration from my brother Tim Burgess – also a full time Chainsaw Wood Sculptor.
I provide wide ranging bespoke sculptures for private and public customers as well as for large corporate clients. I can work to detailed sketches and architects plans, for example I have completed nearly 50 bespoke commissions for the Nando’s Restaurant Chain – from organic design columns, to sculptural seating.” says Andy.



More artworks by Andy



33 Responses to “Owl Wood Carving by Andy Burgess”

  1. ilene raker says:

    How much do these things cost? I know someone who would absolutely love the owl ones. She’s not rich by any means, but I feel certain she would want one if she can afford it. Also…. Where are you located?

    • Patty Frash says:

      I would like to how much you are asking for on the owl chair? My my mom would love one.. Please send me information and prices for them. Thank you!! Also you would happen to be able to make and Baseball one with bats and baseball?

  2. Carol Coulter says:

    Love ur work!

  3. Patricia barnett says:

    Would like some prices I woyld like bench a small one

  4. Felicia Galietta says:

    Awesome can you give some pricing for you work?

  5. Delton Hunt says:

    I am very interested in purchasing some owl benches. Could you quote me a price in general

  6. Janet Martinez says:

    I want two of the owl chairs! Love them, please send me information and prices for them. Thank you

  7. Kristina says:

    Interested in owl chair with four owls, please send me information including price, shipping etc.
    Thank you Kristina Alviene

  8. Fran grabowski says:

    Just love the owl carvings how wonderful it is that you have the talent to create something wonderful I love that chair with the owls on the arms I can see that in my garden while I enjoy my little bit of paradise on the beach I would love a piece like that love,love love you work

  9. Tamie bryant says:

    How much for owl benches? Can you send me some information.

  10. norman peters says:

    would like to know where you are living and how much for the 4 owl chair and cost to ship my wife has a big collection of owls this would top it off we live in hobart tasmania

  11. Victoria ordway says:

    I would like to what you charge for the bench with the owls on the posts. Thank you

  12. LaVerle Jessup says:

    How much for the owl bench?

  13. Lourdes ortega says:

    Please send info on how I could purchase your precious art bench. I would love to get one for my special mom.

  14. Mary says:

    I would like to know how would be to make a walking stick for me. I have two large sticks from the Wichita Falls River trails. Please send infor I need to call you. Ty for this Text…

  15. Shauna says:

    Hi please how much for the carved owl chair I know a terminally ill lady who would love it but would need it now

  16. Jessica says:

    How much is the owl bench?

  17. Bob brunelli says:

    I would like information on prices of your carvings owls especially

  18. Pat says:

    I would like to buy an owl chair/bench like the one posted. Would you please send me the information. You are so talented.

  19. Amy M Johnson says:

    Could you please send prices on anything owl? Especially the chair. Or do you primarily produce custom work? If so a sampling of work with associated pricing would give me a ballpark figure to work with. Thanks!

  20. Alison Disley says:

    How much is the owl chair plz

  21. David says:

    Attention, everyone:

    This site has nothing to do with the crafter: “Goodshomedesign is an online home design magazine but do not sell the products reviewed or showcased on this site.”
    His official site is: andy-burgess.com/
    If you want answers to your queries, you should go there.
    Also, note that he is located in Cheshire.


  22. Linda Patterson says:

    I also would like to know the price of the chair. And, alas, like many above I am not rich, but I do occasionally play the lottery, so maybe some day!
    Thanks, Lyn

  23. Debbie says:

    Beautiful, love it

  24. Maureen Cummings says:

    Can you send me prices of your owl bench? I’d love one for a corner in my garden if not too expensive

  25. Amy says:

    Hey was wondering how much you are charging for this bench

  26. Karin Tsokatos says:

    Love the owl chair! Ready to purchase! Please email me [email protected] or let me know how to purchase. Thank you!

  27. Debbie Toney says:

    Love the bench with multiple owls. Can you please provide pricing. How long do they take? How do they ship?
    Thank you

  28. patti canupp says:

    How much for the 4 owl bench?

  29. Tammy Graham says:

    How much for the owl bench with four carved owls.

  30. Paul says:

    How much for the owl bench with four carved owls??

  31. Katie Bennett says:

    I would love to have prices on your owl bench seats

  32. Debbie Garland says:

    Interested in buy the owl bench with four carved owls. Live in ILLINOIS.
    Where do you sell these?

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