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Seashell Angel Christmas Ornaments

These pretty seashell angel ornaments measure approx. 8cm (3 inches) long by 8cm (3 inches) across. No two angels can be exactly the same, as no two seashells are ever the same. If you like a Rustic Look, these are the Angels for you! You can find these in the link below… Continue reading “Seashell Angel Christmas Ornaments” »

Crochet Baby Moccasin Shoes

Crochet Pattern for Cute little fringe moccasin Shoes, native style for boys and girls! Inspired by traditional Navajo designs, these little shoes will be a lovely family heirloom to keep as a momento of baby’s early years. The pattern is available in the link below… Continue reading “Crochet Baby Moccasin Shoes” »

This Giant Tarantula Spider Pillow Makes The Perfect Prank Or Napping Spot

Are you afraid of spiders? If yes, then this next pillow will surely give you the creeps. But if you want a giant and fluffy place to put your head on after a long week, it can be the best companion. Even if you don’t like spiders, you cannot ignore the snuggle factor here, as this giant spider-shaped pillow looks more than welcoming. The pillow can be purchased from the link below, from Ukraine, and by buying from this shop you can also support the local artists which are struggling to make a living in these tough times. The pillows are all tarantula replicas, with a set of eight legs and are made to be as comfy as possible. Continue reading “This Giant Tarantula Spider Pillow Makes The Perfect Prank Or Napping Spot” »

Freddy Krueger Wood Burner

A Freddy Kreuger-shaped firepit sounds like every horror fan’s dream. If you’re a big movie fan and you want to impress your friends at the next barbecue, then this Freddy Krueger lookalike firepit is a must-have. The firepit is handmade and created by the metal workers from Burned By Design and has all the elements of the popular horror-movie character: the hat, the teeth, and the face. Continue reading “Freddy Krueger Wood Burner” »

RINGS Made From Silverware

These are authentic handmade spoon rings crafted from upcycled silver plated flatware and wrapped in an overlapped band. Silver plated spoon rings give that vintage silver look, without braking the bank. Choose from 33 different styles ranging from floral to Victorian, and boho to minimalist. Because these are made from actuals spoons and forks, Continue reading “RINGS Made From Silverware” »

These seeds grow inside the pumpkin

I have been getting lots of questions about the pumpkin seeds growing inside the pumpkin. We started the pumpkin project for this year today. I sure hope it is as successful as it was last year. Continue reading “These seeds grow inside the pumpkin” »

This is someone’s privacy fence, incredible creativity!

Continue reading “This is someone’s privacy fence, incredible creativity!” »

Tissue Box Is Ingeniously Designed To Look Like a Floating Iceberg

Who said everyday objects don’t deserve an exquisite re-design? The regular tissue box was transformed most cleverly by Japanese artist, Michuru, and it now looks like a floating iceberg with the tissue being the ice block. Continue reading “Tissue Box Is Ingeniously Designed To Look Like a Floating Iceberg” »

Artist Transforms Discarded Paintbrushes Into Exquisite Character Portraits

Wood carving requires a lot of patience and attention to details and Rebecca Szeto managed to master both. She is a San Francisco-based artist, who gives old paintbrushes a new life, by transforming them into unique characters. Continue reading “Artist Transforms Discarded Paintbrushes Into Exquisite Character Portraits” »

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