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Budget-Friendly Custom Wood Shelf Covers For Wire Shelving

Tired of the ugly, awkward and cheap builder-grade wire shelving in your pantry or closets?
I provide budget-friendly custom wood shelf covers for wire shelving that fits over your current wire racks and brings instant style to your space at a fraction of the cost of custom build-outs. These are available HERE…

We have options that fit your budget and style!

Adorable Pothead Gnomes

These adorable gnomes are perfect for springtime! They are great added to a tiered tray, coffee bar, or any spot around the home.

The gnomes are made from a sock and have a painted clay pot for a hat. They are embellished with either ribbon or colorful flowers. These are available HERE… 

Adorable Pothead Gnomes

Most Beautiful Wooden Pergolas and Gazebos

Give your garden the perfect finish and ensure it stands out with our Garden Structures. Fire up the BBQ and invite all your friends round for the garden party of the year with our customisable Gazebos or get lost in your favourite book on a warm day with our Pergolas. Continue reading “Most Beautiful Wooden Pergolas and Gazebos” »

Green Comet Makes an Appearance for the First Time in 50,000 Years

A very rare green comet has made an appearance in South America, for the first time in 50,000 years. The comet’s visit was discovered in March 2022 by the Zwicky Transient Facility (ZTF) and it is a once-in-a-lifetime event.
The comet’s official name is Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) and it came closest to Earth on the 1st of February when astronomy enthusiasts all over the world drove outside of town to gaze upon the night sky. The comet will still be visible in the upcoming weeks, but a clear sky is needed and a pair of binoculars or a telescope. Continue reading “Green Comet Makes an Appearance for the First Time in 50,000 Years” »

Hand Knitted Gnome

This Hand Knitted Gnome is the perfect accent for your room decor or a cute gift to somebody.
First option :
The hat is Seafoam (light green) color and has 2 apple tree blossom flowers on it. The Body is light pink.
Second option: Continue reading “Hand Knitted Gnome” »

See Why It Took 15 Years To Make the ‘Fantastic Fungi’ Time-Lapse Documentary

The Fantastic Fungi documentary was a big hit, as it presented a never-before-seen perspective on the lives of fungi. The documentary took 15 years to make, and now you can get a peek inside the creative process with the help of a 15 short directed by Wired about the making of.
The time-lapse videos were filmed inside director Louie Schwartzberg’s home and take the viewer through each step of a fungi’s life. The director had to shoot the timelapse videos inside, due to the ever-changing weather outdoors and he also needed to be able to control the lighting of the film. Continue reading “See Why It Took 15 Years To Make the ‘Fantastic Fungi’ Time-Lapse Documentary” »

This Chef Is Decolonizing the Kitchen by Only Using Ingredients Native to North America

Contemporary cooking goes beyond food and tries to tell a story about the origin of ingredients and how they are an essential piece of the culture we live in. More and more chefs around the world are trying to change the narrative around cooking and bringing back native elements to the kitchen that help connect the local community with its ancestry. Continue reading “This Chef Is Decolonizing the Kitchen by Only Using Ingredients Native to North America” »

Dog House Camper

Pet camper, Beautiful unique vintage/retro dog camper. Your dog will look super cute in this retro camper trailer.

For more camper options, custom builds, fabric selections & color combos check out it HERE…


This is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Seller is incredibly talented. It’s lovely and the packing job was amazing. I got my little camper quickly too.

Flip Flop Socks

Crochet with the finest Wool-Free sock yarn and stitched with an open stitch to give a slight lace appearance
Looks great with flip flops and perfect for getting a pedicure! These are available HERE…

Continue reading “Flip Flop Socks” »

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