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This $1.9M Home With a Domed Oasis Is Out of This World

Nestled in the serene surroundings of upstate New York, this $1.9 million home on 85 Haights Cross Road in Chappaqua is a breathtaking architectural gem that transcends the ordinary. Constructed in 1969 and designed by the renowned architect John Koster, this wood-clad residence was commissioned by the Mechner family and has undergone meticulous preservation and enhancement by its present owners. Situated atop one of the highest viewpoints in Chappaqua, Continue reading “This $1.9M Home With a Domed Oasis Is Out of This World” »

Arizona is Building the First Solar Canal in the US. What are They and How do They Work?

Arizona is set to make history with the construction of the first solar-covered canal in the United States. The ambitious project stems from a ground-breaking agreement between the Gila River Indian Community and the US Army Corps of Engineers. The solar-covered canal is designed to generate renewable energy by installing solar photovoltaic shades along a 305-meter stretch of the 1-10 Level Top canal. Positioned facing upwards, these panels harness the abundant sunlight in Arizona while also acting as a barrier to reduce water evaporation in the arid state. Continue reading “Arizona is Building the First Solar Canal in the US. What are They and How do They Work?” »

Meet Juanita and Lola-Pearl, the Human-Cat Amputee Duo Helping Others Through Animal Therapy

Meet Juanita Mengel and her five-year-old dilute tortoiseshell cat, Lola-Pearl, an inspiring human-cat amputee duo making a difference through animal therapy. Each morning, Juanita carefully tends to her prosthetic leg, ensuring it is warmed for comfort before embarking on their day of bringing joy and comfort to others. Lola-Pearl, missing her left hind leg, mirrors this routine, highlighting their unique bond and shared experience of overcoming physical challenges.

As one of approximately 200 therapy cat teams registered in the US through Pet Partners, Juanita, and Lola-Pearl participate in animal-assisted therapy, visiting hospitals, nursing homes, and schools. Pet Partners, a non-profit organization, facilitates volunteer teams like theirs, fostering the positive impact of specially selected and trained animals. While therapy dogs are more widely known, therapy cats like Lola-Pearl introduce a captivating “shock factor” to their interventions, encouraging unique connections and conversations. Taylor Chastain Griffin, the national director of animal-assisted interventions advancement at Pet Partners, emphasizes the need for more research on therapy cats, highlighting their potential to inspire human connections in unconventional ways.

Juanita knew Lola-Pearl was destined for therapy work due to her innate ability to connect with people. Lola-Pearl’s intuitive nature shines during visits to support groups, where she brings smiles and comfort to attendees. Lola-Pearl, adopted by Juanita after overcoming her own physical challenges, represents one of seven felines in Juanita’s life, most of whom share disabilities. Through their shared journey, Juanita and Lola-Pearl exemplify the healing power of the human-animal bond, proving that overcoming adversity together can lead to a rewarding and fulfilling experience for both the giver and receiver in the realm of animal therapy.

Artists Merge Thread Painting With the Japanese Art of Kintsugi on Vintage Plates

The fusion of thread painting and the Japanese art of Kintsugi on vintage plates by artists Katerina Marchenko and Artashes Sardarian is a testament to the transformative power of collaboration. The artists seamlessly blend Marchenko’s delicate embroidery on tulle with Sardarian’s expertise in Kintsugi, creating enchanting mixed-media pieces. Using vintage plates as their canvas, the duo employs a combination of materials, including embroidery thread and gold, to produce intricate works of art. In these creations, Marchenko’s embroidered eyes and hands emerge through punctured holes in the ceramic, forming a delicate dance between fragility and resilience. Sardarian skilfully applies the ancient technique of Kintsugi, fusing the shattered pieces together with gold, and turning the brokenness into a beautiful mosaic.

The artistic collaboration extends beyond the physical realm, as Sardarian poetically expresses, “From brokenness to beauty: just like these plates, even shattered souls can be mended with the gold of kindness.” Marchenko adds depth to the narrative on her Instagram, interpreting the collection as a metaphor for rejuvenating the old and forgotten. Her thread painting not only breathes new life into the vintage plates but also serves as a portal into a world of change and new possibilities. The branches surrounding the fragmented ceramics symbolize the transformative power of breaking through the boundaries of time, embodying a narrative of resilience, beauty, and the potential for renewal.

Normann Copenhagen Launches Mat Chairs Made from Hemp and Eelgrass

Normann Copenhagen has introduced the Mat collection, a series of chairs crafted from sustainable materials such as hemp and eelgrass, signaling the brand’s initial venture into the realm of bio-based plastics. The collection, a collaboration with design duo Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen, was unveiled during Stockholm Design Week. The hemp chair, derived from the stems of the cannabis plant, and the eelgrass chair, a combination of hemp and marine plant fibers, showcase the brand’s dedication to innovative production methods as a part of its commitment to sustainability. The development of these plant-based chairs, which replace injection-molded plastic with biodegradable materials, aligns with a zero-waste approach, allowing manufacturing offcuts and old chairs to be reused in the production process.

The Mat chairs represent the culmination of a decades-long journey, with Peter Hiort-Lorenzen, co-founder of Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen, expressing his initial interest in plant fibers as a substitute for plastic in the late 1990s. The hemp material developed in collaboration with Normann Copenhagen stands out for its durability, responsible sourcing, and enhanced aesthetic appeal, marking a significant advancement from earlier prototypes. The collaboration with hemp specialists from the Danish Technological Institute underscores the commitment to sustainable practices, as the chair shells are produced from hemp stems, often considered waste products from farms. The incorporation of a unique blend of fibers and a bio-based binder ensures recyclability, emphasizing the brand’s dedication to environmental responsibility throughout the lifecycle of the product.

Lost Gustav Klimt Painting Is Rediscovered After Almost 100 Years

After nearly a century, the rediscovery of a lost Gustav Klimt painting has stirred excitement in the art world. Gustav Klimt, a prominent figure in the Vienna Secessionist movement, left an indelible mark on European art during a tumultuous period. The recently found painting believed to be of Fraulein Lieser from a wealthy Austrian Jewish family, had been last seen by the public in 1926. However, the horrors of World War II and the Nazi looting sprees had led experts to assume that the artwork had been lost forever. The unexpected reappearance of the painting has not only defied expectations but has also sparked interest in its history and potential restitution claims.

The circumstances surrounding the rediscovery are intriguing, with the painting’s existence not documented in any catalog raisonnés. The Kinsky Auction House, where the painting is set to be auctioned, actively researched the Lieser family as potential restitution claimants and contacted representatives. The painting’s reappearance has opened a new chapter in art restitution efforts, challenging previous assumptions about its fate during the wartime upheavals. The anticipation surrounding the auction in April, with an estimated price of $54 million, underscores the enduring impact and popularity of Klimt’s work, as evidenced by recent record-breaking sales in the European art market. The potential profitability for both the present owners, who acquired the painting in the 1960s, and the Lieser family adds another layer of complexity and intrigue to this rediscovery.

‘It’s Scratching, Dude’ – US Coast Guard Inspectors Rescue Stowaway Dog from Shipping Container

Amidst the towering stacks of shipping containers at the international port in Houston, a heartwarming rescue unfolded as US Coast Guard inspectors discovered an unexpected stowaway—a sweet dog named Connie. The rescue mission began during a routine inspection led by Petty Officer 2nd Class Ryan McMahon, who, along with his colleagues, heard the distinct sound of scratching emanating from one of the containers. Positioned about 25 feet high in the container stacks, a crane was employed to bring it down, revealing a surprising cargo of a couple of junked cars and a small, joyous dog. Having endured approximately 8 Continue reading “‘It’s Scratching, Dude’ – US Coast Guard Inspectors Rescue Stowaway Dog from Shipping Container” »

Nature-Loving Northallerton Teen Hopes to Inspire Young People

Maxwell Alderson, a nature-loving teenager from Northallerton, North Yorkshire, has embarked on a mission to inspire his peers to appreciate and protect wildlife. Max found solace in nature after the heartbreaking loss of his older sister Gaby seven years ago, turning to walks and insect exploration as a means to escape and connect with a different world. The 16-year-old is now determined to share his profound love for nature, hoping to ignite a passion for positive environmental change among young people. For Maxwell, nature became a source of calmness, entertainment, and sheer beauty. Developing a deep connection with insects, he emphasizes their diversity and the often-overlooked marvels they bring to the natural world.

His journey of healing through nature resonates deeply with the memory of his sister, who battled neuroblastoma for three and a half years before passing away at the age of 14. Maxwell’s mother, Victoria, acknowledges the special bond between the siblings and highlights the positive impact that immersing oneself in nature can have on mental well-being, providing a distraction from life’s hardships. Maxwell’s passion led him to contribute to the creation of the “Our Beautiful Wild” film, where he and his mother captured footage in the village of Osmotherley—a place filled with sentimental value due to past visits with Gaby. The film, involving 200 young participants, aims to kindle a spark of passion for nature among the youth, showcasing the beauty and importance of the natural world. Max, inspired by environmental icons like Sir David Attenborough and Chris Packham, hopes that his journey and the film will inspire other young minds to appreciate, cherish, and protect the wonders of the natural world.

Orchids ‘Bloom Year After Year’ With Pretty Flowers When Placed in One Specific Spot of Your Home

Orchids, with their enchanting and intricate blooms, have become increasingly popular as houseplants that can grace your home with their beauty year after year. Renowned houseplant expert Graham Rice has shared a simple yet effective trick to encourage these delicate flowers to rebloom. By ensuring that the temperature at night is lower than during the day, preferably with a difference of around five degrees, you can create an environment conducive to the orchid’s flowering cycle. Continue reading “Orchids ‘Bloom Year After Year’ With Pretty Flowers When Placed in One Specific Spot of Your Home” »

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