Painted Deck Project

If you have a large deck annexed to your home, then don’t just leave it plain and boring! Here’s a great project to try at home if you want to transform your deck and are also looking for a fun weekend DIY activity. What you are going to need for this project is a free afternoon, paint (you can Valespar deck paint and exterior paint, just like the couple from the link below did) in the colors of your choice and some preparation in advance. Start by cleaning the surface of your deck and removing all pieces of moss, dust and other foreign elements. Then plan the pattern you are going to draw and trace the plan on the surface of deck and start coloring the interior of the pattern. The end result will be a fun and colorful outdoor space for you and your family and if you need a little bit of inspiration and more details about this project, visit the following link.

This is a project by Alisa Burke. She is a great artist, author, teacher, wife and mom.

More details here…

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