Pallet Wall with Floating Shelves

Having a great interior design doesn’t require a lot of money, but a bit of creativity. The next DIY project features a useful and good-looking floating shelves panel for the living or dining room. And it all cost under $150! The piece is actually composed of a barn wood or pallet wall and attached oak shelves. The building process is quite easy. You start with the frame (70by78 in this case) and then do the inside with the remainder of the pallet wood. The shelves are three feet long each with 6.5 inches (depth) by 4.75 (height). They were made using oak wood and stained afterward. Now all you have to do is find the perfect decorations to fit onto the shelves. Draw inspiration from the showcased project, like mounting a wine rack.

This dining room remodel – pallet wall + floating shelves-  was made by Ellery Designs, read more about this project HERE…

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