‘Panther’ the cat rescued after days-long ordeal

For at least two days and maybe more, residents of a suburban Denver neighborhood worried about the fate of a black cat called Panther who was perched atop a 36-foot utility pole.

Panther stayed put despite efforts by his co-owner, Alexis Soberanis and others to coax him down in Aurora. Neither pleading nor the enticement of food did the trick, Sentinel Colorado reports.

Aurora firefighters ended the cold misery of Panther and angst among her owners and neighbors, worried about the cat after it spent days stuck atop a light pole in northeast Aurora.

Firefighters rescued the stuck or stubborn cat Friday afternoon.

Panther stayed put, owners and neighbors said, even through cold nights and the season’s first snow.

The cat’s owner, Alexis Soberanis, said Panther went missing four days ago. Neighbor say they’d seen the cat atop the pole for at least three days.

After some fast publicity Friday morning, the near catastrophe caught the attention of Aurora Councilmember Curtis Gardner, who turned in a council request for help.

That prompted the city to eventually send out a rescue truck Friday afternoon. After a couple of attempts to get the giant ladder truck in a tight space, firefighters retrieved Panther, who seemed to willingly step into a pet carrier and off her precarious perch.

via Sentinel Colorado

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