Pears in Puff Pastry Recipe


Making delicious desserts is a common thing. The thing that sets various desserts apart is their uniqueness or – in lack of better words – their element of surprise. Some recipes suggest you mix ingredients and fool the person that takes a bite into thinking it’s something else until they taste it. But this has been done a lot almost to the point the element of surprise is lost. The unique thing is actually letting the fruit visible in plain view. This will surely be impactful to anyone who is invited to share the dessert. We present you the DIY pear in puff pastry! The process of achieving this awesome tasty result is very simple. It’s quite easy to guess from the pictures, but to be certain you should read the necessary steps provided. If the pear is not your preferred fruit for desserts, you could always change it to any you like. Enjoy!



Pears in puff pastry – Ingredients & Directions

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