People Are Using Dollar Store Laundry Baskets As Strawberry Planters

Some people are so inventive, and thanks to the Internet they can quickly share their useful tips and tricks with everyone. The dollar store hides a lot of treasures, which at a first glance might seem useless and cheap, but with a bit of creativity can be turned into ingenious items.
Someone channeled their inner engineer spirit and transformed a dollar store laundry basket into a strawberry planter that works perfectly. The baskets are perfect as they have little openings where the strawberries can grow and can be easily harvested when ripe enough.
You can also avoid bending every time you want to pick a strawberry, as you’ll be able to reach them more easily with this hack. So to plant the strawberries using this trick, you will need one plastic basket from the dollar store, a garbage bag, strawberry plants, dirt, and PVP pie or a tube for watering.
Once the planter is set up, all you have to do is water the plant regularly and wait for the most beautiful and juicy strawberries to be harvestable.

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