The Perfect Destination for Recharging Your Batteries: Song Saa Private Island


“If you want something intimate, harmonious and elegant, this is the place for you.”  Located in the exotic Cambodia, in the unspoilt Koh Rong Archipelago, the exciting and surreal  resort is the perfect destination for recharging your batteries. Due to the wonderful site, you can enjoy marvelous sunsets, drown your senses into a deep, calm state of mind and forget about all the problems and stress. The time stands still, so visit one of the 70 “floating” villas and have a great stay. The accommodation at the Song Saa Private Island is composed of luxurious on-water living spaces, full service villas, each of them having a private pool.

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The simple things in life, such as a spectacular evening spent on the beach, meditating, combined with the glamorous villas. Amazing pieces of furniture, some made of indigenous wood  complete the design. The feeling of freedom can be sensed when taking a walk in the surroundings. The resort has a special policy when it comes to sustainable measures. Protecting the environment and preserving the nature is one of their major objectives. Here is what the resort management has to say about this: “The protection of the natural space and the support of local communities is very important to Song Saa.” Splendid and unforgettable, this piece of Heaven on Earth is perfect for sweethearts and young couples, being also a great place for couples to spend their honeymoon.

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