Petrified Wood Containing Turquoise Opal Found in Australia

Petrified wood containing turquoise opal found in outback Winton, Queensland, Australia.

Gemstones are precious stones with unique features and bright, clear colors. Opal is especially well-known as it has been the subject and inspiration of many artists and writers, due to its very diverse shape and form.
Originally, the stone’s name comes from the Greek word Opallios which means “to perceive a change of color” and refers to its ability to change color when reflecting light.
Thanks to their special features, opal stones are also known to be expensive and the rarest ones are the darker shades.

If you are looking for opal, then Australia is the place to be and the Boulder Opal is among the most peculiar ones you can find. It is also called the “Rainbow Tree” because this rare stone can display the entire range of colors from a rainbow. In Australia, mines have been producing opal since the 1890s and they quickly developed an industry around it.
The most widespread use of opal is to produce pieces of jewelry, but many also use it as a source for crystal therapy and balancing energies in the human body.


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  1. Me says:

    Right….. we’ve all heard of epoxy wood casting.

  2. Thomas Aitch says:

    Love both petrified wood and opals

  3. Eli O'Neal says:

    Nibbling on my earlobe , and a persistent tugging to git the wrinkles out ✌️💯

  4. Kimberly says:

    That is so beautiful. I would love to find pieces like that.

  5. Stephanie C. Boudreaux says:

    Looks like the tree of life !

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