Photographer Captures Storm Cloud That Looks Like a Fiery Explosion in the Sky

Amateur nature photographers are usually on the road a lot of time in search of the perfect picture and they often manage to take amazing shots of the scenery.
Laura Rowe, glanced at this unusual Texas storm when she was driving around East Texas together with her boyfriend and suddenly the storm cloud appeared before her eyes. The cloud looks like the sky has just exploded into lots of bright colors and reflected all the light from the sunset.
Rowe said that the tornado has caught the two off guard, as they were not prepared for either the weather and the perfect view. She managed to take the pictures while driving and following the storm and was lucky to have enough battery so she could take an entire series of pictures. The picture was captured on an iPhone 11 and went viral quickly and Rowe even created several prints which can be ordered from her website.

Amateur photographer Laura Rowe’s Texas storm photo went viral on Twitter.


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  1. Anna N. says:

    Looks like a painting so pretty! Great job!!, is it natural or any of it photo shopped?

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