Photographer Captures The Perfect Shot Of Stunning Bald Eagle

The perfect shot takes a lot of patience to be captured, especially if we are talking about nature/wildlife photography. Since timing is essential in this type of photography, it also takes a bit of luck to nail the perfect picture.

But there are times when the planets align and everything is in the photographer’s favor, such as in this case when Canadian photographer Steven Biro took the greatest picture of a bald eagle.

The eagle, named Bruce was caught on camera while flying over the surface of a pond in the Canadian Raptor Conservatory, slightly touching the pond with its wings.
The beautiful symmetry of the picture won the Internet over when it was posted online by Biro.
He has been working as a photographer for 10 years and thought that the Conservatory was a great place to capture wild birds on film as it is home over 200 captive-bred birds.
Biro said that when he took the picture, the bird flew so close to him that he could feel a breeze from its wings when flying over him. Such a one of a kind experience!

by Steve Biro Photography

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