Photographer Discovers Horrific “Sea Of Plastic” Floating Near Caribbean Island

Usually travel pictures from dream destination only show us the beautiful part of deserted islands, pristine beaches, and sunshine. But in many such places around the world, there is an ugly truth hiding, that started to surface only recently. Unfortunately, lots of islands are filled with plastic waste left behind by tourists and abandoned there to pile up.
The same thing was discovered by a photographer on an island in Honduras where a 5-mile-long plastic blanket is covering the beach and ocean. The effects of this highly irresponsible behavior impact the entire wildlife and leave behind damages that are hard to repair.

Caroline Power, the photographer who uncovered the terrible truth on the island of Roatan, went a bit further from the usual tourist spots and came across a huge garbage patch. Power is an advocate of environmental-friendly practices and her pictures often uncover impacts of human behavior upon the environment. What she found on the island of Roatan says a lot about us and our consumerist way of life, which is always on fast-forward, leaving behind piles of plastic bags, chips bags, and plastic packaging.

The NGO, Blue Plante Society, described the pictures as “unbelievable” and concluded that the garbage originates from the area of Motagua River in Guatemala and was brought there by heavy rains. The images are truly worrying and make clear the fact that there is still a lot of work to be done by environmental activists, but also by each individual towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

8 Responses to “Photographer Discovers Horrific “Sea Of Plastic” Floating Near Caribbean Island”

  1. Dean says:

    That is unacceptable. A plastic recycler could set up there I suppose, but the source needs to be found, and heads need to roll.

  2. Arlene A. Butler says:

    Why can’t ships carry a GPS beacon to throw onto the mass of garbage. Then it can be found for clean-up.

  3. Linda says:

    Why cant we use it as a base to a man made island? Cover with something and build on it. More space for people. Carona islands.

  4. Sherry Spooner says:

    How hard is it to recycle your plastic? If you are too lazy to pick up after your self, maybe you should not eat or drink outside your home. You are trashy.

  5. Lance says:

    This is why we have coronavirus, mother nature is fighting back. She will only get more violent and deadly with her strikes until we begin to care for her properly.

  6. Lorraine Weglarz says:

    This is simply outrageous! People in Roatan and the people on ships! The Ocean and seas are NOT YOUR PERSONAL GARBAGE DISPOSAL You will destroy all sea life and destroy fishermen’s livelihoods as well. Find other ways recycle or stop buying containers that cannot be recycled ! Make the effort to find a way to recycle all these materials!

  7. Kat says:

    Corionovirus is not Mother Nature. It’s God…and the End Times prophecies being fulfilled…

  8. Chrys says:

    Who are some of you guys.. we ALL add to this trash crap.. We have recycle places here that only want to take one thing but not another… ALL sea vessels add to this problem.. and all people are the problem

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