A Piece of Woodwork: Small Apartment in Manhattan


Many people dream their house as being a great villa that has lots of rooms properly equipped. Nevertheless, there are people who prefer something simpler, for example, a small apartment.The architect Tim Seggerman faced with the renovation of a moldering brownstone studio on Manhattan’s Upper West Side for a college professor.The studio measures only 240-square-foot and renovating it was quite difficult: “You couldn’t imagine a place that was more messed up,” said Tim Seggerman. In this activity, the architect was inspired by the mid-century modernism, especially by the work of legendary furniture designer George Nakashima. He worked crafting the components of his architectural projects by hand in the home studio. The apartment has cabinets of cypress and bamboo, nightstands, a desk of red birch slats, recessed panels of papyrus and an ingenious bookcase in the bedroom. Finally, he said with satisfaction: “It’s basically a piece of woodwork. I’m very proud of that.”









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  1. Lesia Valentino says:

    Very interesting that Google AdWords is not effected by this. Looks like everybody that needs keywords will end up paying for ads. Keep us posted on the subject Brian! Cheers.

  2. Rickious says:

    I think this is excellent. Brilliant use of space and makes what would normally look pokey and uninviting, special and exciting. Id live there. Id hope the rent is tiny too though 😛

  3. Studio apartment in Manhattan's Upper West Side says:

    This is amazing! Space is occupied nicely. Thanks for sharing

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