Plastic-Bottle Zipper Container Tutorial


Many articles on repurposing plastic bottles were written on the internet and offline. The eco-friendly frenzy has engulfed almost the entire world. Ever since the Kyoto agreement has gotten leaders and nations nowhere, people have organized – almost unwillingly – into a global grassroots movement promoting the recycling of PET bottles and making use of them in everyday life. Although the main purpose of this device was carrying liquids without risking the brake of the container, humans worldwide have found a lot of other uses for the ordinary plastic bottles. Today, you can learn how to turn a couple of PET bottles into a zipper container. You need:

  • a couple of plastic bottles;
  • a zipper;
  • a pair of scissors;
  • a hot glue gun;

Start by cutting each of the bottles 1.5 inches from the base. You could do this by marking the distance with a marker prior to the cut, or just do it freehanded. Then, take a zipper and make use of the scissors again to fit it perfectly around the PET. For an 18-20 ounces bottle, a 7-inch zipper will do the job. While holding the zipper open, hot glue it to the inside of one bottle. Do the same for the other bottle. Your project is now complete! Neat, right?


2 Responses to “Plastic-Bottle Zipper Container Tutorial”

  1. Tena Ewart says:

    I love the thing you put on here. I am going to try some out thank you.

  2. Priscilla says:

    PLASTIC STRAWS? Shame on y’all!

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