Polanter Vertical Gardening System [video]


The Polanter Vertical Gardening System is a simple and practical kit and is hung onto walls or fences with the brackets provided. The brackets remain fixed to the wall and the Polanter can be lifted off the brackets to enable it to be re-planted and then easily re-hung by slotting the Polanter back onto the brackets. The planting holes for the Polanter measures approximately 4cm across and are ideal for planting plug plants. The Polanter Vertical Gardening System comes in a choice of 8 colours.


Did you know that the Polanter is ideally suited for growing your own produce? Strawberries and Tomatoes will thrive in a Polanter. Grow your own Herbs plant a Polanter with Herbs and hang it outside the kitchen door for fresh home grown seasoning, flavouring, garnishing or fragrance.

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  1. EVA says:


  2. Ionut says:

    Foarte simplu si totusi, deosebit de estetic si elegant. Absolut incantator!

  3. Denise says:

    Is very beautiful I am Brasilian Thank you

  4. Rosa says:

    Me gusta la pagina

  5. Monika says:

    It does not work. Water comes out from each holes with soil . Any solution?

  6. Bety says:

    Good evening.
    It is very beautiful what they do, is very artistic and thank you for sharing it. I live in Colombia and I would like to know if they them sell in algun site in Bogota. Thank you very much.

  7. UBALDINA says:

    Onde compro em Salvador-Bahia-Brasil

  8. Marvin says:

    Place smaller pipe (with fine holes drilled around it from top to bottom) down center of large pipe while assembling cap bottom of it when ready to water pour into small pipe, water will exit thru fine holes but flow should be slow enough as not to wash dirt out of large pipe

  9. Elvira says:

    Me facina esta pagina…me gustaria..tambien..pintura sobre tela…gracias.

  10. Marie-Anne says:

    Good evening,
    Could you Please Tell me where I can find this product in Brussels/Belgium ? Thanks and Best regards

  11. Lorentz says:

    Ou trouver en Belgique le planter vertical

  12. Michelle says:

    what type of material I’d the tube made of. I’m very conscious about not using petroleum based products as it is toxic to all living things

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