3 in 1: Pom Pom Rug,Wall Hanging and Table Cover


Improving the décor of your room doesn’t necessarily involve big pieces of furniture or a radical change of the interior design. Sometimes, a simple piece of decoration will do the job perfectly. Today we will show you this very same idea working in practice. The DIY Pom-Pom rug is going to make a change for the better in your room and you won’t have to spend your whole month’s wage on it. With just 10 spools of yarn (in various shades of color – blue or whatever you like), you can also achieve a similar fuzzy rug. A rug pad, scissors and ruler are also involved in the process, so make sure you have those at your grasp before starting. It’s advised you gather a few of your friends together and trick them into helping you make this lovely piece of decoration. Otherwise, allocate a weekend or two in order to complete a 5 by 5 feet model. Now follow the simple instructions for making a cute DIT Pom-Pom rug.





A Pom Pom Rug – Materials,Tools and Instructions by BY KELLY BRYDEN (brit.co)

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