Pop Up Camper


People who love to travel are always interested in the type of vehicles that allow them to enjoy the experience of discovering new or old places and still have the safety of an accommodation or the luxury of relaxing between drives. The pop-up campers are one such solution that does much more than your average tent making it almost as comfortable as an RV. Tent campers or folding camping trailers as they are also known, can be the optimum solution to your future road trips. These particular types of trailers are composed from a trailer frame (obviously), a hard roof and – the important part – pull-out bunks and “soft” walls. Besides the usual facilities you would normally find in a regular camper (like gas, rooftop A/C, refrigerator etc.), the popup version also includes a fold-down table top or bench seating, interior lighting. There is an on-board fresh water tank and sink to your disposal. The 12-volt DC power system has an AC – DC converter and a deep cycle battery. You have a couple of sleeping bunks as well as plenty of storage cabinets to your use. Check out what models are available out there and get ready to enjoy your vacation.


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