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Local farmers have to undergo a great deal of effort if they want to have success while competing with big companies that handle tons and tons of produce each day. Any family agro-business knows that every little counts so a portable farm stand will definitely make a difference! This vehicle offers the individual farmer to sell his food around several locations during a week, depending on where people and tourists gather the most. Designed by Eliot Coleman, the wooden wagon is easily towable and can simply be opened into a nice useful stand. It has display shelves to the sides, a fold-down table and a striped canopy, all for usage in selling the best fruit and vegetables available. Check out how awesome one such handmade portable farm stand looks and imagine what an advantage it will create for your business.

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20 Responses to “Portable Farm Stand”

  1. Tony O'seland says:

    Just wonderful! Where might I find the plans for this cart, please?

  2. JAmes Bauernfeind says:

    Where can I get plans for this

  3. Kirsten says:

    great concept! i would re do it slightly for my craft business…
    ps are you aware that Pinterest has blocked this webpage?

  4. Norm Zahn says:

    Interested in plans for this. Please reply

    • John Bernard says:

      If possible I am interested by the plans, great job. Very nice looking.
      Thank you.
      Have yourself a wonderful day.


  5. Bill Duncan says:

    Great idea and concept. Very interested in plans please.

  6. John Luich says:

    I want the plans too

  7. Hal Bumble says:

    Doesn’t look like Eliot has published the plans for this, but you can reach out to him at Four Season Farm: fourseasonfarm.com/farmstand/

  8. Carol Dorn says:

    I’d be interested in farm buildings

  9. Dale wing says:

    You won’t get the plans for free he’s all about the$

    • John Voice says:

      This is such a selfish and entitled way to say, “He makes money from the plans he slaved over and worked to produce, but I feel entitled to shit for free, therefore I try to make him feel guilty by saying he’s all about the dollars.” Yes, you are “entitled” to your opinion.

    • Bill Me says:

      There are no plans – it was built and later modified without any formal design – basically notes on a napkin, which intelligent people are able to do. Yours is an ignorant comment apparently based on envy, not facts. Eliot Coleman is one of the most generous farmers one might hope to meet, but he does, in fact, get paid for his knowledge. You may have never enjoyed that privilege, but it’s not an uncommon business model among people who actually have valuable ideas.

  10. Ronald Gill says:

    Great idea

  11. Kathy says:

    I would love to know where I might be able to purchase the plans for this mobile farm stand.

  12. Karen Taylor says:

    How much for the plans ?

  13. Paule' Smith says:

    Anyone know where you’d get canopies like these and costs and durability from wind damage when traveling?

  14. Rich says:

    To all those that asked about the plans for this…. This mobile produce stand was constructed by Eliot Coleman at Four Season Farm in Maine. He did not build it to sell plans. He built it to sell vegetables! From the book I can tell you that it was built on a 5’x8′ flat bed trailer. Most of the building materials are recycled from the farm. Old wooden doors were used to close up the sides in the original. Awning is homemade from cloth and attached to metal pipe. Original roof was single layers of pine clapboard for weight reduction. He mentions that the original ideas for it were “scribbled on odd pieces of paper.”

    He talks about how it is built and has pictures in his book “The New Organic Grower”. You may be able to find more about it by searching with that info. Sorry I can’t help more.

    • Ali Vazir says:

      After getting disgruntled due to lockdowns, I am also planning to start my mobile vegetable shop in the huge metropolitan city of Karachi. Please pray for my success.

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