Portable Power System: Powerbag Back Pack


A back pack, which will power your laptop for several months, sounds like a dream right? Not anymore, as this is no longer a dream with this awesome back pack recently released on Kickstarter and called Met AIr Solstice. The back pack has a 2.2 pounds battery inside that will last much longer than any regular battery and you can charge your laptop, phone and tablet. You can even charge two items at once as the Met AIr Solstice has 2 separate ports. There is also another version of this charger, called Met Air Ranger and can provide you power source when camping or in cases of emergency. It’s a more powerful solution than the Met AIr Solstice and will last you a longer period, created especially for oudoor or survival situations. You can read more about these back packs on the next link and find out more about the technology behind them.



***Powerbag Back Pack with Battery for Charging Smartphones, Tablets and eReaders




MetAir® Ranger – Off-Grid, Emergency Back-Up Power – Day or Night

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